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Short | Pim Gerrits van KesselsKramer: 'Heel veel copywriters kunnen niet schrijven'

Short, Desmet Studio's Amsterdam | Publicatie: 11 juni 2013

Pim Gerrits

Pim Gerrits To be read on his LinkedIn profile:

Pim Gerrits was an award winning reporter, presenter and director for Dutch radio and television but gladly left journalism to become one of the longest serving creatives at KesselsKramer.

He functions predominately as a c.d. and writer at KK, though his role covers a wide amount of activities such as directing, acting and staging events to fuel the diversity of work produced by the agency.

Over the last years he has helped KesselsKramer launch and build some of its most iconic brands such as the mobile network Ben, MTV Japan, Bavaria beer, SNS Bank, JaofNee.nl and Bol.com, as well as numerous cultural projects like the conception of the Amsterdam Funeral Museum 'Tot Zover', the exposition 'Held/Hero' for the Rijksmuseum, the art project 'Eye' for national newspaper Volkskrant and the biggest cultural fair in The Netherlands, the Uitmarkt festival.

Pim Gerrits is responsible for the world's first dog billboard, the world's first buried ad, the world's first book-poster and the world's first album film, based on an album by Opgezwolle, one of the Netherland's most critically acclaimed hip hop crew.

Specialties:storytelling, creating something out of nothing, making sense, big ideas, tiny details
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