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Igor Milder

https://www.7dtv.nl/foto/igormilder.jpg Talpa Connect's role within the company is to extend its global broadcast success to other media and services. Talpa Connect brings together the departments Branded Content, Digital, Data and Technology. Talpa Connect’s mission is to further connect with Talpa's audiences in order to serve them even better by gathering insights and finding new ways and channels to engage with our audiences.

Igor Milder is Managing Director of Talpa Connect. He has over 15 years of experience in managing internet companies. In 2000 Igor founded his own internet agency 'INPACT' which he sold to Lbi Lost Boys in 2006. Later Igor was appointed CEO of Lbi Lost Boys Amsterdam. He joined Talpa – as Managing Director of Talpa Connect – in the Summer of 2013.
Deze profiel informatie is gepubliceerd op 11 maart 2014 Voor de meeste recente informatie over deze persoon verwijzen we je graag naar Google.
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