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Fabian Fraikin

https://www.7dtv.nl/foto/Fabian_Fraikin.jpg At 16 years old Fabian Fraikin (1994) already signed in his company at the chamber of commerce. He is an inquisitive traveler of the world, ambitious entrepreneur and creator. Fabian is an Entrepreneur Organization Accelerator member, top 25 under 25 Entrepreneur from Sprout and got two awards from Google, for being the best Google Photographer in the Netherlands.

With his brother Jasper Fraikin he founded FJ Creative Digital Production. We are an Amsterdam based creative video marketing agency. We create long term video marketing strategies for brands and businesses. Our mission is to make smarter videos for an increasingly discerning viewer.

FJ was founded in 2010 by two brothers who believe in the potential of online video. Our talented young team has been working on scoring concepts ever since. Our motto? One video is no video. Everyday we
strive to meet today’s viewer’s demands. We succeed in two ways: by courting his and her intelligence, and by providing continuity. Structural video content. One video is no video. This credo at our very core, we focus on the strategies of the businesses and brands we work for. All necessary production and marketing disciplines under one roof, we tackle problems, activate audiences and develop our vision on
Deze profiel informatie is gepubliceerd op 26 oktober 2017 Voor de meeste recente informatie over deze persoon verwijzen we je graag naar Google.
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